Andrew Elfmont President of Elfmont Associates today announced the closing of a 112, 795 Square Food distribution warehouse property, which is located within Transal Business Park which is a prominent Class A Business Park in the Airport West area of Miami, that is anchored by the Inter-Continental Hotel at Doral.

One thing is for sure, inflation is coming on big time in the US and around the world andthis “fight” will shift at some point to inflation fighting in the near future. The Fed meetingthis week will be a good indicator of how fast this shift will take place. Another point thatis important to keep in mind is that the Feds of the world will “take on” a recession evena deep and long one if necessary, in order not to let inflation get rooted and “run away”,remember 21% prime rate in 1982.

All the Fed’s of the world are mandated to fightinflation first and recession second. Inflation is the “Beast” and recession is its stepson.To close, if you apply the two rules outlined above, it would indicate that at some pointshortly, say in three to six months, interest rates should start to rise and the increase couldbe substantial over where rates are today. Raise rates, hurt the recovery, kill house pricesetc, don’t raise rates, increase inflation, devalue the dollar.